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About Caring Connections USA

Hi! My name is Kabir. I am 13 years old. As a little baby, I had to undergo a surgery. I do not remember anything about that time, but it certainly made a huge impact on my parents. Over the years, my parents would sometimes talk to me about it. During one such conversation, I got to learn how incredibly hard and difficult that time was for them. It made me think of all the parents and families of children who are in hospitals. My grandmother who is a retired neonatologist, told me how she took care of tiny newborn children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Some of them were as small as a pencil! Their dedicated families spent weeks and months with these little babies in the hospital. My own story coupled with the stories from my grandma, really inspired to do something for these families. Caring Connections USA is my humble attempt to provide some relief for these special families and to bring about a positive change.


As a part of this initiative, I provide care packages to NICU babies and their families. My care packages consist of homemade or donated blankets for babies or adults, as well as snacks for new moms. I plan to expand this initiative, spread the message of hope, and bring about positive change in the lives of these NICU families.

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